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AAA Conch Limo. LLC Reviews

May 31, 2019

I was in big trouble with my oldest daughter as I had forgotten her birthday, and so when she brought this to my attention I panicked and asked whatever she wanted I would try to do…..she told me she wanted a limo to take us to dinner, so I Googled limousines and the first place I called was AAAConchLimo, Dave was very prompt with the limo arrangement and from the time I called to the time he arrived was only 23 daughter was impressed and I was out of the “dog house”.after a short tour of Key West we arrived at Mallory Square and Dave let us out at El Pepe de Messon for my daughter’s birthday dinner with me.she was very impressed with the limo and also very happy.thanks Dave you saved my hiney.I will be calling you again

Jeff F.

May 25, 2019

as a private travel agent for private client’s I had AAAConchLimo standing by with a sedan at Signature private airport for my client’s. Upon landing my client’s were greeted plane-side by AAAConchLimo and taken on a tour of Key West, the sedan driver was a native of Key West and showed my client’s the sights and sounds of Key West as only a native could. My client’s were very impressed and said they would be telling their friend’s of the great service they received from AAAConchLimo

C. Cook

May 25, 2019

our group had AAAConchLimo pick us up at the Sunshine RV Park and bring us to Key West for the afternoon. Dave was very nice and we asked if we could stop along the way to look around the farmer’s market in Sugarloaf which was ok with Dave. we had a great afternoon in Key West and Dave treated us very well. we will be telling other’s in the RV park about the good service and great time we had with AAAConchLimo

Carl L.

May 23, 2019

we had AAAConch Limo pick us up at EYW when we flew into Key West for a few days. Dave was right on time, helped with our luggage, and we enjoyed the limo very much both to and from the hotel back to EYW.we will be using you again Dave

Evelyn and Darren J.

May 18, 2019

I had AAAConchLimo pick up my son’s buddies and their dates for prom and take them to Benihana for dinner before prom. They had a great time in the limo with the music blaring and enjoying the non-alcoholic beverages I had AAAConchLimo stock the bar with.I was a little nervous but the driver Jon was very good and delivered the kids home safe and sound after prom. my other son can’t wait until next year for his turn with his friends to go to prom in a limo.thanks Jon

Harold L.

May 18, 2019

for Prom I arranged for AAAConchLimo to take my son and his date for a short tour of Key West and then on to his prom, Dave arrived right on time, the limo was gorgeous and my son and his date looked so happy as they drove away. I was very happy when Dave brought them home after Prom and everything went so well.thank-you Dave.

Angelo K.

May 13, 2019

we landed in Key West and were happy to be met in the terminal by Dave of AAAConchLimo, he was holding up a Meet and Greet sign with our name on it and greeted us warmly as we entered the terminal. After helping us with our luggage Dave drove us to the rental office to pickup our rental home keys and then at the rental home helped us with our luggage. We really like that as we had our 3 children to keep an eye on. The return to the airport a few days later Dave was very helpful, the limo was great to handle our large family and our luggage.thank-you for all your help Dave, we will be telling the folks back home to give you a call when they head to Key West.

Maya S.

May 8, 2019

for my birthday I arranged for AAAConchLimo to pick myself and my wife and his brother and wife up at Hawk’s Cay and bring us to the Square Grouper for dinner, the ride was very nice and we enjoyed drinks as we were driven to the Square Grouper for dinner. we really appreciated the smooth ride in the limo and that really set the atmosphere for the night, thanks Dave, we will call on you again the next time we’re in the Keys.

Carl D

May 3, 2019

we were staying at Hawk’s Cay in Marathon and asked the front desk for their recommendation for a car service to take us from Hawk’s Cay to Key West for a late afternoon dinner and back to Hawk’s Cay, they said they have had very good luck with AAAConchLimo, so we called them. Dave was very helpful on the phone and we quickly made the arrangements for a pickup from Hawk’s Cay to Key West for dinner and back, the ride was smooth and we were delighted to see the new buildings and construction as we traveled to Key West in Dave’s very nice limo. We also enjoyed the ride back to Hawk’s Cay.thank-you Dave, you’ve got a nice business going, keep it up.

Nate M.

May 1, 2019

We flew into FLL and arranged for AAAConchLimo to pick us up and bring us to Key West. We didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes and Dave was there to pick us and our luggage up, the car was a Lincoln sedan and was very nice inside and smelled good(Dave explained that there is no smoking in any of their vehicles)which we were very thankful for. The time passed quickly and soon we were in the Florida Keys with Dave giving sightseeing advise as drove down the Florida Keys. After a couple of hours we arrived at the Southernmost resort and said thank-you for the safe driving to Dave and we looked forward to him picking us up in several days to be driven back to FLL.your a very good driver Dave, thank-you

Kerri and John L.